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An Interim Manager is both strategist and pragmatist and is in your team to implement your strategy. Like a management consultant we offer you

  • short-term access to experienced professionals with leadership skills
  • the ability to speed up your project
  • strategic skills
  • an independent view
  • the latest ideas

We have long-standing, international and broad experience in marketing and sales of investment goods. Based on this we pass on a great amount of knowledge, contacts and skills to your team. This know-how is retained even after the end of our work in your company.


As interim employees, we are not narrowed by politics, personalities or etiquette of the company. Accordingly, we will not tell you what you want to hear, but how it really is. This sincerity and our "cold-start" experience can save you a fortune.


We would be happy to assist you with the following topics:


Internationalization, International Marketing and Sales Support, Restructuring, Project Management, Start-Up, Vacancy Bridging, Growth, Innovation Management and M&A Support




Intercultural Competences



Intercultural Competences are important in the middle class, particularly in the case of hot topics such as internationalization. In many areas the expansion of a company works only in the international environment. A fast market access and a product that the local market expects is important for your success. However, just a few companies have sufficient time to develop the necessary intercultural competence at all interfaces, with the customers or the sales partners. Let us help you.


Support for Start Ups



Interim Management means short-term use of "hands on" executives and experts for a limited time with a clear goal for Start-Ups. For example, to organize a second round of financing, to explore a new market, to implement a change management process, or to implement new structures (in a fast-growing company).


Support for Company Succession



The Interim Manager is usually bridge builder between generations and family coaches. Many years of leadership experience and experience from similar situations brings the Interim Manager. Also the the combination of professional, methodological and social skills are important skills that the manager have. In addition, the view from the outside helps to open things up, to get things going and to tolerate resistances.


The Interim Manager in the Change Process


During the change process, the Interim Manager supports the implementation as a temporary manager. In contrast to the frequently used service providers, the Interim Manager assumes a role with direct customer interaction. If necessary, the Interim Manager is also integrated into the change process as an entrepreneur.




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